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Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is my 200th post on it seems to me... Here are some of the search queries that have led people to this blog:

  • the bible says no reproof seems good for the moment
  • emperor rome donkey
  • what does a stop sign mean
  • does wrestler Edge have a criminal record?
  • please tell me where john gibson was born
  • calhoun lowder wedding -county -illinois
  • why isn't god allowing me to get pregnant
  • taoist seminary
  • fast widow orphan justice
  • spong bob bathroom

I hope these people found what they were looking for.


Friday, December 15, 2006


According to Sitemeter, It Seems to Me... will soon receive its 10,000th visitor. Sitemeter also lets me know how they got here. Many people arrive through search engines. Among the more unusual searches that have brought people to this blog:

  • homeless poetry "you can't see me"
  • going to circle left in a relationship christian
  • www beginnings and beyond sound r.i.c.a.
  • Thomas Monaghan's wife
  • catholic school children images of burnt offerings
  • scriptures bring me your poor bring me
  • baby deaths in burbank illinois
  • John Godfrey Saxe, atheist
  • god email "giraffe to look" source
  • the phrase "bite me" means?


Sunday, March 26, 2006

search queries

I almost never have a problem finding something to write about. In fact, even now I have twelve posts in a state of partial completion. But I'm suffering from a writer's block that will not let me finish any of my thoughts. So, strictly in order to post some new content here, I present a list of unusual search queries that have led people to It Seems to Me.... I seem to attract stream of consciousness thinkers (or just people with really bad grammar) here:

  • quote don't say how ever, it's just a fancy word for but

  • homeless guy poem i learn

  • jesus said about a mountains in the bible

  • the name of the rope is love lyrics

  • floating barge jail in the Bronx

  • because he was a good king book temple

  • how much money is giving to low income familes in a year?

  • Who do you say I am Jesus borg

  • point of the immense journey by loren

  • how did the light bulb change the world

  • blessed are the meek but they don't get into harvard

  • worst blog ever

I'm not especially proud of that last one. Still, I guess as long as they spell my name right, I shouldn't complain. It could be worse.

Update 3/30/06: Here's a new one that I just have to add to the list:
  • Where in the Bible is the phrase bite me?