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Saturday, October 17, 2009

church history in 4 minutes

…to the tune of We Didn't Start the Fire.

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At 10/18/2009 6:07 AM, Blogger James Higham said...

It was good except for the soundtrack but fortunately, that could be turned off.

At 10/18/2009 11:16 AM, Blogger Blake said...

It's a nice try, but they played way too loose with the actual chronology of the events mentioned.

At 10/20/2009 10:36 PM, Blogger Janet said...

Thanks for the repost -- I made this video as a gift for our senior pastor when he finished a 21-week sermon series on church history -- one week per century. It reflects the subjects he spoke on (for instance, in the 20th century he focused on the intellectual and spiritual repercussions of the work of Darwin, Marx and Freud)... and also reflects the need to find rhymes...

No idea what soundtrack problem you're having...


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