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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

westboro baptist video

The Westboro Baptist Church choir has made a music video, "God Hates the World" (to the tune of the 1980s relief anthem "We Are the World").

Here is a sample of the lyrics:

God hates the world
And all her people
You every one face a fiery day
For your proud sinning
It's too late to change His mind
You've lived out your vain lives
Storing up God's wrath
For all eternity

I'm still holding out a desperate hope that this is a hoax, but I'm afraid it's not. I have a pretty good nose for satire, and this smells like something else entirely.

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At 7/02/2009 5:07 AM, Blogger TN Rambler said...

Although I haven't viewed your link, this is not new. The Phelps cult put this out a couple of years ago as I recall. Nothing like a little hate to start your day.

At 7/03/2009 8:18 AM, Blogger James Higham said...

What amazes me is how concerned about Christianity anti-Christians are. They say that it's dying away and yet they go overboard gilding the lily.


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