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Sunday, May 31, 2009

dr. george tiller murdered in church

I'm shocked and saddened by this morning's tragedy in Wichita. I'll have a longer post when I've collected my thoughts. For now, here are some links:

The story from Associated Press

The George Tiller I Knew by "loree920"

Whoever Killed Tiller Was Not a Christian by Dan "pastordan" Schultz of Street Prophets

Jesus's Jihadis by Sara Robinson

and the disturbingly titled George Tiller — Killed! from Operation Rescue

Update 6/5: More perspectives

On George Tiller, Reformation Lutheran Church, and "excessive certainty" by John B, a member of of the same church as Tiller

Tough Questions about George Tiller's Murder by Ken Brown

The Ethics of Murder from Charlie at Another Think

Tiller, Operation Rescue, and Bonhoeffer by Julie Bogart, refuting the notion that Dr. Tiller's murder is equivalent to the assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler.

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