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Sunday, March 26, 2006

search queries

I almost never have a problem finding something to write about. In fact, even now I have twelve posts in a state of partial completion. But I'm suffering from a writer's block that will not let me finish any of my thoughts. So, strictly in order to post some new content here, I present a list of unusual search queries that have led people to It Seems to Me.... I seem to attract stream of consciousness thinkers (or just people with really bad grammar) here:

  • quote don't say how ever, it's just a fancy word for but

  • homeless guy poem i learn

  • jesus said about a mountains in the bible

  • the name of the rope is love lyrics

  • floating barge jail in the Bronx

  • because he was a good king book temple

  • how much money is giving to low income familes in a year?

  • Who do you say I am Jesus borg

  • point of the immense journey by loren

  • how did the light bulb change the world

  • blessed are the meek but they don't get into harvard

  • worst blog ever

I'm not especially proud of that last one. Still, I guess as long as they spell my name right, I shouldn't complain. It could be worse.

Update 3/30/06: Here's a new one that I just have to add to the list:
  • Where in the Bible is the phrase bite me?



At 3/27/2006 7:54 AM, Blogger John said...

'worst blog ever'? Someone planted a googlebomb on you.

At 3/27/2006 12:09 PM, Blogger BruceA said...

Someone planted a googlebomb on you.

Not necessarily. That search appeared last December, just after I posted my "Worst Christmas Ever" story. The words worst, blog, and ever would have all been prominent on the page at that time.

At 3/30/2007 1:31 PM, Anonymous Vicki said...

Bruce, if you find the answer to that last [updated] search query, please let the rest of us in on that secret. It may come in pretty handy sometime. ;)


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