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Monday, July 25, 2005

adam and eve

I never really understood the story of Adam and Eve until my son was born.

I grew up with a simplistic, literal understanding of the story. Living in a small town, I was not aware that there was more than one way to read it. I was in college before I was exposed to the idea of allegory in the Bible. Adam and Eve were symbolic of all human beings.

But in the spring of 2003 my first child was born into this world completely innocent. Naked and unashamed. His early life was like being in paradise: he only needed to make a sound and some godlike being would appear to take care of his needs.

He's growing up now. He turned two this past spring. At some point he tasted the forbidden fruit, his eyes were opened, and he became as wise as us. (Aside: The scriptures don't say what the forbidden fruit was, but I'm convinced it had lots of sugar in it.) Now I ask him, "Do you want some water?" and he says, "No. Pop!"

He hasn't yet reached the point of deliberate disobedience, but I know the day will come, just as it does for all of us. And I wouldn't be surprised if, when confronted on that day, he tries to blame someone else.

I don't believe in a literal Adam and Eve, but I'm convinced their story is as true as any that has ever been told.


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